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As of your arrival you will notice his red frontage with the colors of Marrakech, all in tadelakte traditional; besides you will find this forgotten matter, then development by the Moroccan craftsmen since about thirty year in practically all the parts of the riad.
Morrocan reception

taste The entry will surprise you with its great raised volumes, by two patios giving a luminosity different at every moment from the day, and you will be rocked by the music water running out the fountains, the lightness of its nets curtain,

its spaces arranged to taste in family, sbetween friends or in all intimacy, the tea and delicious Moroccan pastry makings or to regale themselves of a delicate met prepared and used by a qualified personnel for the legendary smile will charm you and will invite you to the escape and the dream.
24,25 Derb Gnaoua Ben Saleh Medina Marrakech - Maroc - Tel / Fax : 212 (0) 5 24 38 35 35